What can we do for you?

We have a variarity of services that will help you t grow on the Internet. Stand out from your competition and win the hearts of your clients

Web design

At Iconic we create unique designs of webpages and e-commerce stores in accordance to the newest technologies and standarts. We believe that a webpage is the business card of your brand, that’s why our team is diving into your branch, to assure that your webpage will represent you and your company, by that steer you to new accomplishments.  Our drive for creating market leading webpages is never filled.

Web develompent

An attractive design is not enough. When building new webpages we always concentrate on using the newest technologies and tools, such as WordPress. That’s a guarantee for happy customers and fast loading pages. Research shows that conversion factors are massively decreasing with the time a webpage needs to load. Increase your sale with a quick webpage!


At Iconic we are creating tailor-fitted E-commerce stores, that will meet your expectations. Our E-commerce stores are build with, Shopify or Woocomerce, which have both great user experience and are easy to handle. With these tools and our services, you can raise your sales to the heights while maintaining good organization.

SEO optimazation

A professional webpage project isn’t everything that is needed for a site to reach the right traffic. It is important to position your site along with the market-leading brands in search engines. If you want your company to be seen, SEO is something that cannot be missing

Web administration

The web environment is changing rapidly. In order to keep your site on the highest standard constant updates and optimizations are necessary. Our Team will take that task over so that you can focus on your area of expertise.